Friday, February 10, 2012

Wow! I don't even remember signing up for this... but it says 2007 lol! I've been wanting to create an arts and crafts blog for a while now, so it's time to stop procrastinating, and just do it. I hope to find many other bloggers on here to be inspired by, and to inspire in return. This is 2012... and no matter what you may believe many people feel that this year is a time for change. A time to manifest who you truly are. That is what I hope to do here.

Growing up we didn't have a lot of money for things I wanted. I have 3 other siblings, my dad is/was a carpenter, and I had a SAHM. We just didn't have enough money to spend on frivolous things. I spent a lot of time by myself creating things to play with. Even if there was a shortage of popular toys or technology... my mom always made sure there were plenty of art supplies, and there was always the great outdoors (or backyard) to use my over abundant imagination on. Although I'm sure I didn't appreciate it as much as I could have at the time, I'm incredibly grateful now because it created an ever questioning mind and a fertile playground for that imagination.

To this day I'm the girl that you will find examining a product at the store to see how it is made. I have a really hard time purchasing anything I think I can make myself!

I always have a million projects going on at any given time, and this will be my outlet. A way to document... a way to share the joy and hardships of being an obsessive crafter =)!

Welcome to my world!


Mo and Steve said...

My mum was like you. We would look at things and she would say "I could make that". It has rubbed off but I rarely get around to following up the project :)

*~*~Veronica~*~* said...

haha yeah I think I got it from my parents to...My dad is a carpenter and my mom a seamstress. Always have a bunch of unfinished projects, but I finish more now then I ever used 2 =)! Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Growing up we didn't have a lot but I never felt like that. My mom would take us to the park and library a lot. She was a stay-at-home mom and my dad was a painter, still is. We didn't go out to eat we had great home-made meals. Thinking about it my kids are so spoiled.

*~*~Veronica~*~* said...

I really enjoy cooking and I know it came from those delicious homemade meals I had growing up =)! Enjoying things like the park, library, dollar store etc... were a great education in a way. Lack of money doesn't mean a lack of great experiences! Nice to hear from people that have had similar circumstances =)!